Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Messianic Prophecy - Part 1

In 2011, I focused my blogging efforts over at The Secular Outpost:


Currently, I'm on Part 17 of a series called "An Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus":


But I have more to say about Jesus, and The Secular Outpost is focused more on atheism and naturalism, than on criticism of Christian beliefs, so I will try to start posting on my own web again for 2012.

First up, will be a series on Messianic prophecy, focusing on Peter Stoner's often re-printed book Science Speaks, which you can read for yourself online:


See, in particular, Chapter 3: "The Christ of Prophecy":


I did a brief critique of Stoner's reasoning in a post on The Secular Outpost:


(see especially, the comments that I make on this post).

I intend to go into more depth and detail over here on my own blog.