Saturday, September 5, 2009

Future Topics

It is difficult to find the time to think about and write about all of the interesting topics related to the questions "Is Christianity true?" and "Is the Christian worldview reasonable and defensible?" So, in order to make some progress on these very large and important questions, I'm going to try to constrain myself to focus on just three key topics for the rest of this year:

The Trilemma Argument for the Divinity of Jesus
The Resurrection Argument for the Divinity of Jesus
Moral Objections to Belief in the Divinity of Jesus

At some point this year, or early next year, I expect to finish up my discussion of the Trilemma, and move on to examine the argument from fulfilled prophecy for the divinity of Jesus. When I have exhausted my ideas on (or interest in) moral objections to belief in the divinity of Jesus, I will start working on factual errors in the Bible, as an objection to belief in the divine inspiration of the Bible.