Saturday, October 8, 2016

4. Was Jesus God?

One of the central beliefs of the Christian faith is this:

(JIG)  Jesus is God.

There are a number of arguments that Christians give in support of (JIG).  We will consider five main arguments that are commonly given for the divinity of Jesus:

4.1P: The Argument from Messianic Prophecy

4.2P: The Trilemma Argument

4.3P: The Argument from the Resurrection of Jesus

4.4P: The Argument from Jesus' Wisdom and Character

4.5P: The Argument from Jesus' Supernatural Powers

We will also consider some arguments against the divinity of Jesus:

4.1C:  Jesus was a false prophet.

4.2C:  Jesus was not a morally perfectly good person.

4.3C:  Jesus was not an omniscient person.

4.4C:  Jesus was not an omnipotent person.